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We know how hard it can be to find the right sports bra. Needing the right amount of support, the perfect fit and a style you like can all make it super tricky finding something that is good for you. That’s why we design our training sports bras to tick all the boxes a sports bra needs to help you, not distract you during your workouts. Our women’s sports bras range from light to high support, with either removeable or built-in cups to suit every activity. If you’re not sure what size to go for, check out our size guide.

Wear your sports bra on it’s own or layer up with our range of women’s gym tops, short sleeve tops or vests.
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Choosing the right sports bra is an essential when it comes to training. That’s why we make sure our range of women’s sports bras offer different levels of support and adjustability. Whether its high or low support you’re after, removeable or moulded cups, don’t sweat, we got you! We focus on both function and style, ensuring you perform well but you also look great. With intricate detailing, unique strap designs and different colours and patterns, our sports bras will have you looking and feeling your best.

Complete the look

Partner with matching leggings or shorts to complete the fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a sports bra and a regular bra?

Sports bras give added support when working out, making training much more comfortable. They’re designed to primarily keep movement to a minimum and wick away sweat. Whereas regular bras are made for more everyday movement, which might mean they aren’t offering the right level of support when you’re in the gym.

How do I choose a sports bra size?

We know how much of a pain this can be, however with our sports bra sizing guide. This should become a lot easier.

Which type of sports bra is best for daily use?

When it comes to everyday use we have many options, but our Composure sports bras are a top pick. With removable cups for a custom fit, our Composure sports bras are super soft and insanely comfy, trust us!

What type of sports bra is best for gym?

This depends on what activity you are doing, the more movement you are doing, for example running, this would require a sports bra with a higher level of support. Made with high impact training in mind, our Tempo range is perfect, providing enhanced support. If you are doing more low impact training, a great option is our curve bras. If you just need something to lounge about in, check out our Rest Day bras.

How often should you wash your sports bra?

Washing your sports bra after every session is recommended. However we know it isn’t practical, so try to occasionally hand wash your sports bra as it is better for the environment. If you can, try and avoid the tumble dryer. High heats aren’t too good for the stretchiness of sports bras and in turn can see them become less supportive, that’s why leaving them out to dry is a much better option in the long run. If washing is a pain, check out our Polygiene treated styles, for example, our Women's Power Ultra Strappy Sports Bra which uses antibacterial technology to keep them clean and fresh for longer periods. Wear more, wash less, it’s a no brainer!