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Maternity Sport Bras

Our Maternity Sports Bras are here to support you throughout your prenatal and postnatal pregnancy journey, featuring moulded removeable cups & an inner sling for support, easy release nursing clasp, and an inner modesty later. For optimum comfort, our maternity sports bras have a soft touch under bust band and our adjustable for the perfect fit. With our sports bras being an absolute essential due to their unrivalled function, make sure to check out what you can layer them with! Our ¼ zips are a silhouette everybody loves, and our tops and vests are the perfect partner for a comfortable workout!

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Made with features essential to make sure your maternity journey is as comfortable as it can be, we have made our Mama sports bras to be as supportive and convenient as possible to make your life as easy as it can be.

Don’t forget to check out our tops and vests to partner your sports bra for the upper layer of your fit! Plus our leggings make sure you are looking and feeling just as good on the bottom!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which bra is best during pregnancy?

Any of our Maternity sports bras are a great option, every design is built to make sure comfort and support is second to non to help make your life as easy as possible. All of our maternity sports bras feature an easy release clip perfect for nursing access. With removable moulded cups and stretchy fabrics, comfort is taken to the next level when it comes to maternity activewear.

Can I wear a sports bra when pregnant?

Sports bras a great idea to wear whilst pregnant, the comfort and stretch make your life ten times easier. However, you can get more with our Mama sports bras. Unlike regular sports bras, our maternity ones are designed specifically for women during pregnancy. Features such as an easy release clasp for easy nursing access and supportive and adjustable under bust bands for tailored comfort, there aren’t much better options when it comes to maternity bras then the ones in our Mama range!

When should I start wearing a maternity bra?

Don’t worry about what week you should wear your maternity sports bra as our maternity sports bras are designed to be worn whatever stage you are at. Even if this means wearing them when your body hasn’t changed much, our sports bras will still fit you! So don’t hold back and get your hands on some early!