Resistance training vs Cardio – What’s better? 

Resistance and cardio training are two very important and popular aspects of a fitness routine. Often there is debate between the two on which one is ‘better’ or more effective. It’s time to settle the debate and decide which training type is truly the superior. 

First lets quickly go into what each training type is: 

Resistance training: 

Also known as strength or weight training, resistance training focuses on improving muscular strength by making your muscles work against a force or weight. This can be done through machines, free weights, your own bodyweight or even accessories such as resistance bands. Making the muscles constantly overcome resistance, they will eventually become stronger. Resistance training is also becoming increasingly more popular due to the fact that you will continue burning calories post workout. What’s not to love?  


Different to resistance training, cardio exercise relies on completing continuous work which raises your heart rate. It relies on your body to use a lot more oxygen than other training types and is often used for losing weight or improving aerobic fitness. Walking, running, cycling and swimming are all forms of cardio. 


Both forms of training have huge yet different benefits for your body. First of all, resistance training is great for building muscle, becoming stronger which in turn helps prevent injuries. Whereas cardio massively improves your lung capacity, heart rate and is great for burning calories. Both results are clearly effective and neither training type has huge disadvantages to the other, but this leads to our next point… 

Which one is better? 

In truth, neither one is ‘better’ than the other, it depends on who you are and what your ultimate goal is. For example, if you are looking to improve your cardiovascular fitness then cardio will be suited to you however, if you feel you want to become stronger and more toned, then resistance training would be far more effective in helping you achieve this. You could also try a sport such as football or rugby which requires strength as well as aerobic endurance, blending both training types effectively to become a better overall athlete. So, weigh up your goals, what do you want to achieve and train accordingly, making sure you realise you don’t have to neglect one form of training to do the other properly.  

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Jacob Manborde

Jacob Manborde

Writer and expert