Siri’s Chest & Shoulders Workout

Siri’s Chest & Shoulders is sure to get your muscles working! Perfect for those days where you’re lacking a little motivation. Use dumbbells or anything else you can find to transform this into a handy home workout.


Arnold Shoulder Press (8 reps) x 3 sets

Make sure to bring the weights in front of your face carefully and slowly start to lift them to the side and then above your head and then repeat. Controlling the weights on the way down is a great way to keep your muscles active during this exercise. 

Bench Press (10 reps) x 3 sets

Whilst doing the bench press try to keep your wrists straight and avoid bending them, this a good way to keep the correct form and get the best out of the exercise. 

Cable Upright Row (12 reps) x 3 sets

Cable upright rows are great for your upper back, shoulders and arms. A good tip to keep good form is to keep your shoulders back and keep a straight back. 

Chest Press (10 reps) x 3 sets

To activate your chest as much as possible to try squeeze your chest together at the top of each rep, and try to control the descent of each rep. 

Lying Chest Flys (10 reps) x 3 sets

Similar to the Chest Press, squeezing your chest at the top of each rep is a good way to activate it more, and also controlling the reps descent is great to keep the muscles active. 

Single Arm Landmine Jacks (8 reps each arm) x 3 sets

Single Arm Landmine Jacks are great for building not only your shoulders but your arms too. Keeping your posture up will help your form massively and help you get the most out of the workout.  


Georgia Williams

Georgia Williams

Writer and expert