Maternity Leggings

Designed to grow with you, our Maternity leggings are fit for two! Whether you are rocking your leggings over or under the bump, our Mama leggings are made for comfort and support. Whether you are gyming it, going for a quick walk or relaxing at home, Mama leggings make sure you are feeling your best, no matter what stage or your journey you are on. With the perfect maternity workout at your disposal, make sure you partner them with anything else Mama! Check out the rest of the range here!

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The right pair of leggings during your pregnancy is a must, however finding a pair which maintain comfort throughout can be tricky. With Mama, we have made sure this problem won’t happen! Designed with stretch fabrics and supportive waistbands, the Mama leggings are maternity essential. With the maternity leggings having you covered on the bottom, make sure your top half isn’t ignored! We have a great selection of sports bras and vests which help you complete your fit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear normal leggings when pregnant?

Normal leggings can be comfortable at first, however with time and the growth of your bump, they wont be designed to stretch and grow with you, meaning they won’t be able to maintain comfort and support. They will end up being super tight and restrictive as time goes by, and wearing them over the bump won’t be an option. Wearing Mama leggings is definitely a more sensible choice when it comes to leggings to wear whilst pregnant!

Can I wear sports leggings when pregnant?

Regular sports leggings eventually won’t be able to adjust with your ever-changing body. Whilst sports leggings tend to be designed with high stretch fabrics, it won’t be enough to stretch as much as they need to for pregnant women. Wearing maternity leggings is definitely the better option!

What's the difference between maternity leggings and regular leggings?

Maternity leggings have certain features which aid and support you through pregnancy. For example, supportive panels to the back and supportive fabric for the bump. Also, they are made with super comfortable and stretchy fabric, to make sure you don’t feel restricted when wearing them!

Should I size up in leggings when pregnant?

With the Maternity leggings, you shouldn’t have to size up as they are made so they can adjust with your size and make sure you fit no matter what stage of the pregnancy you are at!

What should I look for when buying maternity leggings?

Your maternity leggings should always cover the same needs, keeping you comfy and supported and making sure they do this throughout every stage of your maternity journey. All of our Mama leggings do this, so you don’t need to think long and hard about which pair to get, just pick a style and colour you like and go for it!