How to stay body positive

We all want to feel body positive, and we all should! However with everchanging societal standards, and more time spent on social media than ever before, it can be really hard. Here are some ways we’ve found to be really helpful in improving your relationship with your body.  

Avoid comparing yourself to other people  

You are unique in your own way and everyone’s appearance is different. In the online world we all live in it is so easy to compare ourselves to others particularly influencers who, let’s face it, look like they live in some sort of alternate universe. Just remember, social media is a highlight and NOT REAL LIFE. If we’re being honest with ourselves, most people use social media to share their best moments, best angles, best features, best everything really. However, they won’t show how many images they ‘hated’ before finally picking that one to post. There’s nothing wrong with posting your ‘best’ pics, but just remember, everyone has those days where they don’t feel great, even if they don’t post about it.  

Comparing yourself to these people and trying to look like them isn’t productive. So if you’re feeling a little low, try and remember that not everything is how it seems, or maybe take some time away from social media! There are also plenty of influencers who take a much more realistic approach, flood your feed with people who inspire you to be yourself, not encourage you to be like them.  


Focus on who you are 

The truth is, many of us tend to focus so much on what we look like instead of who we are as a person. Think about it, would you want a mate who had unbelievable abs but was really rude? No, you wouldn’t. So don’t waste time beating yourself up over not having the physique you think will make you happy, when the reality is if you did have that physique you probably wouldn’t be much happier. 

And remember ‘You’ll stop worrying about what other people think of you when you realise how little they do’. Our own problems and insecurities feel like huge issues to us, but to other people, they probably don’t even notice them.  


Focus on the positives 

People tend to dwell on the things they do not like about themselves, completely disregarding and forgetting the many things that they like about themselves. This constant disregard to your body can often lower your mood and self-esteem, which can result in a downward spiral.  

So, whether it’s things about your body you love or things your body is capable of which you sometimes take for granted, just remember you must focus on these positives to give yourself reminders that, it’s not all doom and gloom.  

With body positivity increasingly becoming more of an issue, we know how hard it is to feel good about yourself. Just remember it can take some time to start to feel more confident within yourself, yet with the right attitude we promise you will get there.  

Even things like gratitude journaling a couple of times a week can be a massive help, by really spending time thinking about and focusing on what you are grateful for in your life can bring things in to perspective and make you appreciate all the amazing things you have going on.   

Wear clothes that make you feel good 

It goes without saying, if you look good you feel good. We all know that feeling of trying on a new outfit and feeling instantly better. Clothes are there to support you, not to hinder and at MP we want to do just that. Being confident and comfortable in the clothes you choose to wear can inspire confidence and motivate you all at the same time. At MP we cater for all shapes and sizes and a wide variety of different fits. Our clothes are made to fit you, to make YOU feel good! 


Jacob Manborde

Jacob Manborde

Writer and expert