Siri’s Back Workout

Stuck for a back routine at the gym? Here’s @siriprice_fitness staple routine to get those muscles working!


Chest Supported Row (12 reps) x 3 sets

Keeping your posture up and your shoulders back is very important for this exercise. Also it is good to control the weight on the way down as it keeps your muscles active. 

Conventional Deadlifts (10 reps) x 3 sets

Deadlifts are a great exercise for a lot of your muscles. It is important to keep a straight back whilst lifting the bar as it can be dangerous to lift using only your back. 

Narrow Pulldown (10 reps) x 3 sets

Keeping a straight back is important for good posture and pulling your elbows down to the side of your body will help utilize your muscles the most. 

Seated Cable Row (10 reps) x 3 sets

A good tip to keep good form is to keep your back straight and your shoulders back. 

Single Arm Cable Lat Pulldown (10 reps) x 3 sets

Keep your back straight for a good form, and perform 10 reps on each arm. 

Single Arm DB Row (10 reps) x 3 sets

This is great for both your back and shoulders. Try to keep your back straight for good form and lift the dumbbell right up to your torso. 


Georgia Williams

Georgia Williams

Writer and expert