Tempo Ultra x Polygiene StayFresh odor control technology

The Tempo Ultra collection raises the bar and takes activewear to the next level. Designed to maximize performance, the collection is made with innovative technical features and new textile technologies to guarantee comfortable, stylish pieces, perfect to tackle any type of training.

Mesh panels and Coolmax technology combine to regulate body temperature during workouts, while quick-drying fabrics and sweat-wicking work together to move moisture away from the skin for a distraction-free workout. With Tempo ultra being seamlessly designed, the fabric are made to stretch and flex with the body, allowing total freedom of movement.

Tempo Ultra also takes advantage of ground-breaking Polygiene StayFresh™ technology to ensure performance benefits extend far beyond the gym. Polygiene’s built-in fresher-for-longer technology inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria in textiles, that are responsible for this typical unpleasant “sweat smell” in garments, so you feel comfortably fresh while training. Less smell also means you don’t have to wash your training gear as often.

Performance means more than just gym gains.

At MP Activewear we want our products to go beyond the gym! We want to improve your workout experience with high-quality activewear for zero-distraction sessions, but we also want to give you these pieces with the world around us in mind. Polygiene StayFresh™ technology complements this philosophy by making our product more premium whilst at the same time making our products more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

By keeping your training gear odour-free and minimizing bacterial growth, Polygiene StayFresh™ allows you to wash your clothes less frequently. This significantly impacts both the amount of water and energy you consume and the expected lifespan of your clothing. According to the LCA that Polygiene recently published you can reduce the environmental impact of garments by a third by skipping every other wash, saving 51 kWh and 3,800 litres of water a year.

While this is great for the environment, it benefits customers directly, too. Longer-lasting gym apparel reduces the amount you have to spend and saves you money. At the same time, the ability of Polygiene StayFresh™ to eliminate odours and keep you feeling fresh provides you with the comfort and confidence required to work hard, push further, and achieve your fitness goals.

Understanding Polygiene StayFresh™ technology

To help you better understand how Polygiene StayFresh™ actually works, we asked the Polygiene® team to answer a few of your most frequently asked questions.

What is in Polygiene StayFresh™?

The solution’s main active ingredient is silver chloride, a salt that occurs naturally in both water and soil. This makes it both a sustainable and safe technology for use in clothing and other everyday items.

How does Polygiene StayFresh™ work?

Silver chloride is a pretty special substance. The silver ions in the salt are extremely effective at stopping bacteria from multiplying and spreading. Polygiene StayFresh™ targets the bacteria responsible for bad odours and stops them in their tracks, eliminating the smell and keeping your clothes fresh. Polygiene StayFresh is bluesign® and Oeko-tex® Eco Passport certified.

How is Polygiene StayFresh™ applied to MP Activewear?

Polygiene StayFresh™ isn’t on stuff. It’s in stuff. The technology is built into garments during the manufacturing process. This means the application requires no additional energy or water and reduces the environmental impact associated with the production process.

Is Polygiene StayFresh safe?

Yes. It is based on silver ion technology, recognized for centuries with no harmful effects. Polygiene is used in medical, food and water applications.

How to care for products treated with Polygiene StayFresh™?

Polygiene-treated products are designed to be washed less regularly, offering a real opportunity to significantly reduce the ecological footprint of garments. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, Polygiene recommends avoiding the washing machine and simply hanging clothing up to air dry after your workout.

When you do wash your Polygiene-treated items, use low amounts of detergent and skip fabric conditioners. They typically contain nutrients odour-causing bacteria absolutely love. Temperature doesn’t have too much of an impact on product longevity. But it does use more energy. So, to minimize energy use as much as possible, opt for a cooler wash, don’t turn on the tumble dryer, and hang your clothes up to air dry instead.

Jacob Manborde

Jacob Manborde

Writer and expert