Top 5 tips for rest day

Rest days are just as important as the days in the gym, making sure you give your body time for full recovery is vital. No rest = no gains. For the gym obsessed among us (no judgement here), rest days can actually be a challenge, and it’s easy to become bored and restless. So, here are our 5 tips to make sure you’re getting that much needed R&R.  

  1. Sleep 

The first step to making sure your rest days are as productive as possible is getting a good sleep the night before, sleep is the best way to truly aid recovery. Your body will thank you for it, not just physically, but mentally. Make sure you use your rest days to catch up, after all, the whole point of rest days is to rest, right? 

       2. Food 

Rest days don’t mean cheat days, I know it will be tempting to have a sneaky look in your snack drawer but staying on top of a healthy and balanced diet while resting is super important. Things such as staying hydrated and protein intake can easily be neglected when not training, but in reality, using protein on rest days is just as effective and just as important, especially if you’re training hard during the week. On the flipside, there’s also a temptation to under eat on rest days because you’re not exercising, but don’t be fooled! Food = fuel and rest days are no exception! 

     3. Active rest day 

To some, the perfect rest days are ones where you chill and binge your favourite series for hours. However, we get that some people will lose their mind if they were stuck on their couch all day, so the perfect solution is an active rest day! Rest days don’t mean you can’t do anything active at all, something like a light walk, stretching or a quick cycle are all ways of staying active without over doing it on your rest day. 

     4. Get your MP on 

Rest days need to be comfortable, and lucky for you we’ve just dropped our latest range focused purely on rest days, coincidence much? Designed with comfort in mind, soft fabrics and a neutral calming palette making this the ultimate range to kick back and relax in! 

      5. Be productive 

With most people’s calendar being full with work and other priorities, sometimes on days you train you don’t have much time to really focus on yourself. Rest days are the perfect opportunity to finally give yourself a bit of time to focus on you and get organised. Running errands, seeing friends or family, or simply taking the time to look after yourself, are all ways you can make your rest day that bit more productive! 

If you follow these tips, you are sure to have a productive and enjoyable rest day which optimises your recovery, making sure you feel 10/10 for when your next session comes, helping you smash through those sets and make some serious progress! 


Jacob Manborde

Jacob Manborde

Writer and expert