The 10 Best Couples Workouts This Valentines

To celebrate this Valentines day, we are showing you some of our favourite couple workouts! Training with you partner is a great way to strengthen both your body and relationship, working out with someone is not only a great motivator as you both want each other to do well, you also have built in accountability to not let each other down.

Additional benefits of working out with your partner include being able to introduce each other to different workouts, helping you add variety to your routine. Working out with your partner is also a good way make time for each other, we know balancing work, the gym and other parts of your life can leave you with little time, especially during the week with your partner, so training with them is a great way to keep up them without neglecting your training!

High 5 push-ups

High 5 push ups are a great exercise to strengthen your upper body. Targeting your chest, shoulders triceps, upper back and core, push ups are the ultimate workout for your upper body.

How to do them:

Face your partner in a push up position, both simultaneously complete a push up, once you are both up, reach in front of you to high 5 your partner. Repeat this switching hands each time. Start off with 10 push ups for 3 sets.

Doing push ups this way transfers your weight on to one arm briefly and causes increase time under tension, making them a perfect push up variable to do with your partner.

Medicine ball throw ball squats

Medicine ball throws balance upper and lower body perfectly! The squats target your glutes and thighs, whereas the throwing of the medicine ball helps develop the upper body.

How to do them:

Stand facing your partner with a medicine ball at a weight which suits you both. Whoever starts with the ball completes a squat and once you have come back up to a standing position, throw the ball to your partner, the other person should then catch the ball and do a squat once they do so. Repeat explosively. Complete 10 squats each for 3 sets.

Sit up medicine ball pass

Keeping the medicine ball in the routine but this time focusing engaging the core, the sit up medicine ball pass is a great exercise to get them abs burning!

How to do them:

Both get in a sit up position facing each other with one of you holding a medicine ball. Both complete a sit up and when coming back up the person with the ball should throw it to the hand of their partner. Complete 20 throws and repeat for 3 sets.

Reach and touch plank

Another great exercise to keep the core engaged but this couple workout also targets your upper body, the reach and touch plank is a great exercise to add to your routine.

How to do them:

You and your partner both get into a plank position facing each other, leave two arm’s length of space between you both. Start the plank and then both reach out with one arm and touch your partners hand for 3 seconds to help time under tension, repeat this switching arms each time. Try holding the plank for a minute, have a rest and do this a further two times.

Wheelbarrow push-ups and squats

The wheelbarrow is a classic exercise for two, this variation however makes it harder for both!

How to do them:

For this couples workout, have one person holding the legs of their partner whilst they are in a push up position. Whoever is in a push up position should complete a push up whilst their partner is holding their legs in the air which makes it an elevated push up targeting the chest. Once the push up has completed, the person holding the legs is then to complete a squat.

Do 10 reps each, then switch roles and repeat this 4 times.

Medicine ball squat pass

Time to get the medicine ball back out! This one is going to hurt, but it’s a great way to strengthen your legs, glutes and core.

How to do them:

You and your partner go back-to-back both in squat position with one you holding a medicine ball. Turn to your side pass the ball at waist height to your partner who then passes it back to you on the other side. Repeat this until you have passed the ball to each other 20 times. Repeat for a further 3 sets, switching up the side you pass each time.

Lying leg throw down

Another couples workout great for engaging the core and really working those abs!

How to do them:

One person lay on their back with their legs raised, their partner who should be standing over them is to then throw their partners legs down to the ground quite firmly. The partner on the floor should then try their hardest to keep their legs from touching the ground and then raise them again. Repeat this 10 times then swap. Do this for 4 sets.

Boxing pads

Time to take any arguments into the ring! No don’t worry we aren’t saying sparring each other is a good work out, but pad work is great for fitness and conditioning.

How to do it:

One of your get the gloves on whilst one of you is on the pads. Start off with basic combinations going at a high intensity, make sure you keep your feet moving and you are never static. Don’t worry too much about technique if you are new to boxing, but just make sure you keep the intensity and power high to really get the most of this workout.

After 3 minutes, swap over and repeat. Do this 4 times.

Skipping rope competition

Time to get competitive! You are both playing for bragging rights in the relationship here so it’s serious stuff. Skipping is the ultimate cardio and is great for conditioning and adding a competitive element makes it that bit more exciting!

Both get a rope and play a variation of games. For example, who can skip for the longest, who can complete 20 double unders first, first to complete 10 cross overs. There are many things you can do to make your skipping couples workout is kept fun and competitive!

Hit those PB’s

Every other exercise has involved you both being included in the workout, however both being in the gym together could benefit either on of you personally too. Having your partner in the gym is the perfect opportunity to have someone to spot you.

There may have been occasions where you are reluctant to lift a heavy weight on your own, however now with your trusty spotter, you can now lift heavy without as many risks. Both support each other in whatever workouts you do and help each other become better together!



Jacob Manborde

Jacob Manborde

Writer and expert