Five MP gym accessories you won’t be able to live without

Accessories. Usually described as making the outfit, but here we feel that they actually make the workout. Whatever sport you play or take part in, chances are you’ll need a kit bag, a towel or somewhere to store your valuables at the very least.

We’ve rounded up some MP gym accessories that will make your life 100x easier, so you can just focus on your training. 


MP Gym Holdall 

No bag is as functional as the trusty holdall. Designed to carry your gym accessories and essentials in unrivaled comfort, the MP Gym Holdall is the most convenient way to get your goods from A to B. The MP Gym Holdall offers a number of useful compartments for your kit, water bottles, towels, and anything else you might need. It’s also made from a water-resistant base fabric, so your goods will stay dry whatever the weather. 


MP Anti-Viral Filtered Face Mask 

Train smart and safe with MP’s Anti-Viral Filtered Face Mask. Whether you’re wearing it in the gym or to the shops, our mask helps to repel water droplets that may contain viruses and bacteria. Featuring a combination of filters with advanced moisture control technology to aid breathing and ventilation, the mask also provides protection thanks to an active layer that works to eliminate microbial activity.


MP Running Waistband 

Keys, wallet, phone, and mask. Leaving the house has started to get complicated. If you’re going out for a run and need somewhere to store your valuables our MP Running Waistband is the ultimate storage solution. Small and lightweight, it even features a clear fronted pouch to store your phone so you can stay connected whilst you train.  


MP Performance Hand Towel 

If you’re not drenched in sweat after your session you didn’t work hard enough. A hand towel is a workout essential. Whether you’re pounding the treadmill or sweating through a spin class, wipe your efforts away and stay cool and comfortable with the MP Performance Hand Towel. Super soft, ultra-absorbent fabric absorbs sweat much more quickly than a regular towel, and it’s small size mean’s it’ll fit perfectly into your kit bag.



MP Mens and Womens Underwear 

Support doesn’t start with your sweats or leggings. We’ve developed a range of men’s and women’s underwear styles to ensure you stay comfortable and supported whether you’re working out or lounging around the house.  


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Georgie Gilbert

Georgie Gilbert

Writer and expert

Georgie is a Fashion Marketing and Communications MA graduate originally from the south. After University she went on to work in Sports for a leading sports equipment manufacturer, where she was lucky enough to work with world-class athletes, top trainers, and inspiring customers alike before taking the experience forward to MP. A somewhat reluctant early bird, Georgie manages to drag herself to the gym most mornings for 7:00 am HIIT sessions or weight training under the watchful eyes of a virtual PT. For some reason, Saturday night takeout always tastes better when accompanied by DOMS.