Working out at home vs the gym. What’s better?

Gym workouts were always the main way people would get fit, however during lockdown, we were forced to workout at home in order to keep in shape. For some, this changed the game forever, but for others, the gym will always be number 1. So let’s settle it, which is better?  



All the equipment you need – An abundance of equipment for every form of training you need are at the gym. Whether you want to train legs, arms, chest or anything else, the gym will have machines and weights to help you. 

Classes – Some gyms provide classes with PTs. This is great as you are getting expert advice and being shown beneficial workouts. You can also meet people in these classes and there is a sense of community. 


Membership – The truth is some gyms are very expensive, especially the higher end gyms. With many people not making the most of their memberships, it’s easy to not get your moneys worth.  

Busy busy busy – At peak times, some gyms are so busy that getting a proper workout in is impossible. Countless people waiting for the same machines and benches make the gym unusable sometimes. This means you are restricted to certain times if you don’t want to go when they are packed.  



Time – Workout when you want, no need to travel to the gym, wait for quieter times or wake up super early. Working out at home is super convenient and saves time.  

Freedom – Working out alone gives you complete freedom, don’t worry about being surrounded by others, don’t worry about what machines are being used, your home gym is yours, and yours only.  


Buy your own equipment – Depending on what exercises you will be doing, you will have to invest in proper equipment, which is quite a hefty investment. Also, you may have limited space to be able to fit everything you would like into your home gym, meaning you won’t have all the necessary equipment. 

No gym buddy – Working out at home probably means working out alone, whilst for some this is great, for others it would be hell. Boredom and lack of motivation would kick in. Not only that but no one to support you, push you or help you out when you need spotting.  

In truth, there is no right or wrong answer, both options can work. You need to look at your personal situation. For example, if you are someone who wants to lift heavy weights and use machines, then working out alone at home with minimal equipment won’t be for you. On the other hand, if you are focused on cardio, what’s the point in going to the gym when you can run anywhere? You need to look at what it is you exactly want to achieve and then realistically assess what the best option is for you.  

Jacob Manborde

Jacob Manborde

Writer and expert