A sustainable future for MP? Our journey so far…

Sustainability here at MP isn’t a choice, we feel it’s a duty. A responsibility we know we haven’t completed, but a responsibility we are eager to make sure we get right. Every day, work goes on in the background to make sure we keep on progressing. So far, we have already made great leaps towards becoming more ethically considerate.

With current work in progress, here’s some key steps which have already been made on our journey towards a sustainable future.

Packaging – Not only do we focus on the clothing itself, but we understand that packaging is just as important. Packaging can use tonnes of single use plastics which cause obvious harm to our planet. That’s why at MP, we now use bags made from renewable resources. A small step towards tackling the single use plastics issue.

Labels – Labels may seem like a tiny part of a clothing business, but every single item we produce has one. We have moved the majority of our product away from silicone labels to reduce our plastic wastage across labelling and are exploring more sustainable options where possible. A small, but important step.

Clo3d – Our designers use a software called clo3ed, this allows them to produce 3D designs online which in turn reduces sample wastage. Being able to design endless products without the need for samples not only helps our environment, but it gives our designers more freedom to experiment.

Polygiene – This year we partnered with Polygiene. In short, Polygiene is an antibacterial finish which reduces the need to wash the clothing. For a more in depth look into Polygiene click here. Less washing = less energy usage, which helps the planet a lot! It also means less time spent waiting for your clothes to dry, and more time at the gym… you’re welcome!

These are just a few steps we’ve taken, giving us a solid starting point to now build off. Of course, we recognise further changes need to take place. We plan to showcase our journey more often, and it is our aim as a brand to be as transparent as we can with our consumer. After all, we want you to feel assured that when you become part of the MP community, it’s more than just clothing. We truly care about what we do! We can’t wait to share more with you as we journey towards a more sustainable future.

Georgia Williams

Georgia Williams

Writer and expert