Designer Q&A: MP Composure Collection

At MP we’re on a mission to make performance activewear available to all, so we’re constantly developing our ranges with better design and more technical features. For AW20, we introduced our first specialist collection designed with Yoga and Pilates practice in mind.

We spoke to Composure Collection designer, Emma Lucas, to find out how the collection came together, what went into the making of Composure, and her favourite pieces from the range. 

Question: Hey Emma, can you tell us how Composure came about?

We wanted to create a collection designed specifically for Yoga. We wanted an offering that was suitable for Yogis no matter what Yoga practice they were doing.  Yoga is such an accessible practice to be able to do at home, and beneficial for both physical and mental wellbeing, so with Lockdown taking place, this became even more important for us to concentrate on. 

Question: Who was Composure made for?

The collection is aimed at a variety of women who want to take part in Yoga or Pilates. We wanted to make sure we had a large offering with various silhouettes and fabrication. Whether you’re doing anything from Hatha to Hot Yoga, or just traveling to and from the studio, there will be something suitable for you within the collection.   

Question: How do you want someone to feel when they wear the collection?

Comfort is key in this collection, so we used soft and peached fabrics to make the clothes as comfortable as possible. We also wanted the wearer to be able to focus completely on their practice, so we had to minimize any distractions.
The products have features that help with this– no-one wants their t-shirt to fall over their head during Downward Dog! 

Overall, we wanted the wearer to feel effortless no matter what they were wearing from the collection. They need to feel completely comfortable and confident that the garments are going to perform functionally whilst they complete their practice.

Question: What can you tell us about the design process?

In order to completely get into the mindset of practicing Yoga and Pilates we joined in on a few classes. This helped us to problem solve within the designs and really understand exactly what we needed to include to make the collection as functional as possible.

Question: What were your main considerations when designing this collection?

We thought about the specific movements you’d do within Yoga and Pilates. We made sure the leggings included a high, supportive waistband that stayed put through all stretches and balances. We also wanted to include a variety of silhouettes in the range of cover tops, so there was plenty of choice. The consumer can pick what she’d feel the most confident in.

We also took into consideration things like traveling to and from the studio, warm-ups and cooldowns. Because of this, we included a lightweight hoodie and jogger, which we also made in a super soft fabric with 4-way stretch for versatility.  

Question: Why is the colour palette so important in this collection?

We wanted to mirror the philosophy of practices that calm the mind by using solid colour separates and avoiding busy prints. We used subdued shades and calming tones that embodied the softness of the collection.

Question: How will the collection enhance the wearer's practice?

Firstly, comfort is king. Every fabric throughout the collection is super soft to touch. We helped present the wearer with a comforting feel by using soft and peached fabrics. The silhouettes are also designed to skim the body rather than constrict it, and we incorporated 4-way stretch fabric for added mobility and movement.

Secondly, the product is designed to stay put during your practice. For example, the leggings feature a high waisted supportive waistband to help them stay put, and the short sleeve t-shirt has an adjustable hem. This means if you were to do any moments with inversions you can customise the hem to whatever you need so it won’t ride up or down. 

Finally, the fabrics used in the collection also have sweat-wicking properties so the wearer can be confident and comfortable in their practice. The sports bra offers a low to medium level of support with removable bra cups so you can customise the fit. The open back long sleeve top is sweat-wicking, with cut-outs for ventilation, whilst maintaining a slim fit so it stays in place. Similarly, the vest has an open strappy back for ventilation, and mesh inserts for further strategically placed breathability areas to keep you cool and comfortable.

Question: How were the garments researched, tested and developed? Has this changed from previous collections?

This is the first collection where the design team got hands-on with understanding and researching fully into specific activities. For the yoga collection, we joined in with some yoga classes to help to problem solve within the designs. We also spent a lot of time researching all the different areas of Yoga and Pilates and conducted Q&A sessions with some other Yogis to get further insight.

Question: What Is your favourite piece within the collection and why?

My favourite piece, hands down, has got to be the leggings! I’ve tried them on myself and they have to be some of the comfiest leggings I’ve ever worn! The waistband is super high and supportivethe fabric is super stretchy and comfortable and they feel so nice and soft on your skin! The cover stitch seams are so flattering, they contour perfectly around your legs

Question: What is the future looking like for Composure in SS21?

Next season we have decided to take a more holistic approach to health, with sustainable activewear that equates the well-being of people with the well-being of the planet. The whole collection will be made from sustainable materials.  The colour pallet has been chosen with neuroaesthetics in mind, as we really wanted to look at how the product could elicit positive unconscious mental and physical responses from the wearer. 

Georgie Gilbert

Georgie Gilbert

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Georgie is a Fashion Marketing and Communications MA graduate originally from the south. After University she went on to work in Sports for a leading sports equipment manufacturer, where she was lucky enough to work with world-class athletes, top trainers, and inspiring customers alike before taking the experience forward to MP. A somewhat reluctant early bird, Georgie manages to drag herself to the gym most mornings for 7:00 am HIIT sessions or weight training under the watchful eyes of a virtual PT. For some reason, Saturday night takeout always tastes better when accompanied by DOMS.