Finding modest activewear with @aaliyah.unia

Finding modest activewear can be tricky, having to factor in style, coverage and comfort it can be hard to find the suitable pieces to wear whilst working out. As a brand, we want to ensure we’re not only inclusive & representative, but also that our designs are genuinely fit for purpose. We’re always looking for ways we can improve so we caught up with our Myprotein Athlete, Aaliyah @aaliyah.unia to get her views on all things modest activewear. Here’s what she had to say:

What features do you look for when choosing modest activewear?

Oversized fits are great, obviously something that can cover the body however something which is still stylish really helps. Not compromising on style is super important and combining this with comfort massively helps with confidence.

Do you feel there is a lot of choice out there which suits your style?

No, to be completely honest I’ve been training properly for 2 years now, and in that time I’ve never been 100% happy with one outfit I’ve worn. I’m always having to adapt outfits to make sure they’re suitable.

What’s your biggest frustration with trying to find modest activewear?

I’d say a lack of balance! It’s really difficult to find clothing that’s modest and still stylish it always feels as though you have to compromise on one for the other. I think a lot of brands see modest apparel as an entirely different field but for the majority of women looking for more modest options it’s pretty simple! Minor adjustments to whats already on the market like longer line tops or flattering joggers would go a long way!

What are your top 3 tips for someone trying to look for modest activewear?

1. Layering is your best friend – Layering clothing is something I have found very useful over the years, so if you ever see a t-shirt which seems revealing, don’t completely disregard it as sometimes you still may be able to incorporate it into an outfit with other pieces.

2. Experiment with colours – With modesty you won’t be finding many matching sets that fit the bill, therefore experimenting with different colours and mixing and matching designs is something you will have to do.

3. Oversized, look into men’s – Oversized clothing is a massive help as it’s comfortable is better at covering than tighter fits. Sometimes looking in the men’s section is great for this.

What’s your favourite MP Activewear piece?

¼ zips – Because of the full sleeve and high neck it’s great in terms of modesty, however function wise MP quarter zips are nice and lightweight. I love the designs too, the ¼ zips are some of the only designs I don’t have to adapt or change which is great.

What would you like to see from MP in the future?

MP could create a scarf that isn’t a pull on, not just one fixed style, more versatile. Attachable cap underneath would be good too.

Jacob Manborde

Jacob Manborde

Writer and expert