Five tips for motivating yourself to train in winter

Motivating yourself to train in winter is no easy feat, so who better to ask for tips than Ultramarathon runner, Will Goodge? 

The cold and dismal winter weather leaves us with every excuse to put our feet up and leave our training on the back burner. But we have to train for our minds, for our bodies, and for all those goals we have this year. Will Goodge ran 12 marathons over Christmas, so he knows a thing or two about motivation.

Here, Will shares his top five tips for staying engaged, motivated, and on top of your winter training.

Start with a positive mindset

Will suggests keeping your mindset positive. Last year was a struggle for all of us, January is always a hard slog and we’re likely to have overindulged the month before. But every now and then we need a break, so accept it, and don’t bring any negative baggage or guilt into your training. Start off positively, on a clean slate. Wherever you are now, the next day is going to be better.

Just get started

“Initiate the process as soon as you can,” says Will. If you dwell on looking at the cold, wet weather outside, it’s very easy to create an excuse. Get your kit on, get your shoes on, and you’ll have switched that trigger in your mind and be in workout mode. You’ll then have way fewer excuses, and be less likely to hit the sofa and open the cookie jar.

Make it competitive

Friendly competition is always fun! If you have a friend or colleague who’s interested in the same sport you are in, choose the same program. If you come across a day when you don’t feel like working, the competitive element will kick in and motivate you.

Make it fun

Choose a workout you’ll enjoy It might sound obvious, but choose a program that you know you’ll enjoy. There’s nothing worse than training becoming a burden or task because that’s when you’re more likely to fall off the horse.

Remind yourself how it makes you feel

Remind yourself how good you’ll feel after completing a session that you really don’t want to do. What you get from working out is that really good endorphin release that makes you feel good about yourself, and that’ll make it easier to make healthy decisions.

Motivating yourself to train in winter is not easy, but by following these tips you’re more likely to stay on track with your training, and remain consistent for the season ahead.


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Progress Never Stops: Will Goodge


Progress Never Stops: Will Goodge

2020-11-02 01:00:05By Georgie Gilbert

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