Top Tips For Meal Prep!

It’s January and that means one thing, time to get organised and back on the meal prep hype to reach your goals for 2022. We’re here to help you with our favourite meal prep tips, that will keep you focused & stop the temptation to have those leftover advent calendar chocolates for breakfast, lunch or even dinner (we’ve all done it – no judgement!). So here’s our top 5 ways to make your meal prep a success this January:

  1. Be organised
  • As the saying goes ‘fail to prepare – prepare to fail’ & we hate to preach it but it really is true! Make sure you’re winning by writing out a rough plan of meals at the start of the week, before you go shopping to make you sure you get all the ingredients you need to avoid those last minute takeaway choices.
  1. Keep Calm
  • Preparing a weeks worth of meals in one go can seem daunting – so don’t let this phase you and make sure you take it one step at a time. Having your meal plan / recipes to hand will help to keep you on track when prepping.
  1. Containers & lots of them
  • Make sure you invest in lots different tupperware to keep your meals fresh & stored in a travel friendly way perfect for taking to work or a post gym snack.
  1. Be adventurous
  • Don’t let routine mean that your meals become dull or boring. So keep your meal prep fresh by mixing up your marinades & adding in new ingredients & flavours so that you’re excited to try your creations.
  1. Enjoy it!
  • Put on your favourite Netflix series whilst you’re cooking or your go to album, so that it stops being a weekly Sunday chore and something you look forward to!

Georgia Williams

Georgia Williams

Writer and expert