Organic Cotton – The Natural Fabric For Our Unisex Range

Our latest collection of unisex clothing isn’t crafted with your average cotton, it’s organic cotton.

What does that mean?

Well, organic cotton farmers keep it natural. They prioritise the long-term wellbeing of both people and the planet.

No fossil fuels. No hazardous fertilizers. No toxic substances. Just happy farmers, healthy soils and premium comfort.

The fabric delivers a superior feel against the skin and even smells better than regular cotton!

By choosing organic cotton, you’re supporting a sustainable production process – something MP are continuously working towards.

Our unisex collection comes in 4 stunning colourways – Ecru, Pastel Lilac, Steel Grey and Black. Relax in unisex for rest day or dress it up for a lunch date – it’s our most versatile collection yet.

Jacob Manborde

Jacob Manborde

Writer and expert