How to choose the right sports bra

Whatever size you are, whatever sport you do, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to MP sports bras. Garment technologist, Amelia Lohan, explains how to choose the right sports bra for you.


Why do I need to choose the right sports bra?

Knowing how to choose the right sports bra has implications for both comfort and aesthetics. Most of us would prefer to stay perky for as long as possible, but there are multiple reasons our bust can droop. Of course one of these factors is unsupported movement, as this can put stress on certain ligaments, called the coopers’ ligaments, in the bust.

The coopers’ ligaments are small ligaments that support your breast. They can only stretch a certain amount before they won’t spring back, causing irreversible damage. Choosing the right sports bra can help limit this damage because the breasts will be properly supported whilst you exercise.

 How to measure for a sports bra

To be able to choose the right sports bra, you’ll need to make sure you get the right fit. When measuring yourself for a sports bra, we recommend following the following tips:

  • Try and measure your breasts in a non-padded bra, as this will give you the most accurate measurements
  • Measure yourself in front of the mirror, so you can be sure the measuring tape is straight and around the correct part of your body

To measure your sports bra size, you’ll need two measurements:

  1. BUST – Measure around your bust at fullest, try and make sure the tape measure is straight around the body. Don’t do this measurement too tight. 
  2. UNDERBUST – Measure around the chest, directly under your bust. Try and ensure the tape measure is straight on the body. This should be a firm measurement.    

Once you have these, you can use the size charts below to find your bra size and MP size.




How to know if your sports bra fits correctly

Under band – The under band should be a firm fit.  You should only be able to fit 2 fingers between the under band and your back

Under band should be straight around the body.  


This bra is sitting correctly



Straps  with the shoulder straps shouldn’t be too tight, the rule is if you can fit 2 fingers under the strap then that is good. The straps should never be loose enough to fall off the shoulder. 



The straps should never be loose enough to fall off the shoulder.


Cups/Bust panel – The bust should be fully contained. If there is any double busting the go up a size and if there are any hollow parts of the cup then try a size smaller.  


This bra fully contains the bust and fits correctly



Here, the bra is too small, leading to double-busting



This bra is too big, leaving hollow space in the cups


How to choose a sports bra with the right amount of support

The amount of support you will need from your sports bra will likely depend on your cup size, and the type of activity you are doing.


Light support sports bra

A light support bra will have thinner straps, thinner or lighter fabric, and a looser underband.  You’d typically wear a choose a light support sports bra for Yoga, or rest days.

Medium support sports bra

Depending on your bust size you may be able to wear a medium support bra for more vigorous sport/training. For example, a 32C may be more comfortable wearing medium support for a HITT class over high support. This is dependent from person to person. 

Medium support bras work on compressing the bust, this is to limit movement.  You’d typically wear a medium support bra for activities such as cross-training, weight-lifting, and maybe HIIT.

High support sports bra

High supports bras are typically be used for HIIT training or running, although this may depend on your bust size. They work in the same way as a medium support bra and compress the bust to restrict movement. Our Power Ultra Sports Bra can be adjusted to provide high support by using the clip at the center back.



Now you know how to choose the right sports bra, learn how to take care of your gym clothes properly, or take an in-depth look at our Composure or Power Ultra ranges.

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Amelia Lohan

Amelia Lohan

Assistant Garment Technologist

Amelia graduated DMU with a BA(hons) in Contour Fashion Design, specialising in the technical side of lingerie and swimwear. She learnt how to sew and pattern cut from my grandpa who is a tailor. During her career so far, she has worked as a Garment technologist on lingerie, fullerbust, swimwear, nightwear and sportswear departments. Before joining MP, Amelia travelled and worked in Australia for a year. She likes to run and do yoga, and spent time in the rowing team at University.